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Getting started in machine embroidery can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start.  When I began machine embroidery, and because my computer is a Mac, there weren’t many choices for embroidery software that was compatible with my computer. I searched the internet, and found one company that was exclusively dedicated to mac compatibility.

Briton Leap created embroidery software to work with Mac computers called Embrilliance Essentials.  They have since made it Windows compatible, as well as taken it to new levels for creativity, and ease of use.

Why I love this embroidery software!

Embrilliance Essentials by Briton Leap  is a basic embroidery software that has evolved into different levels. You can choose the very basics or advance to their latest digitizing software, if you want more creative control. I like that it offers so many options. Since I am somewhat of a beginner, I have not experimented with all of the Embrilliance embroidery software features, but I can tell you a little about them, and share the ones that I have used for my machine embroidery projects. For more detailed information, or to purchase, please visit Embrilliance.com.

Embroidery Software for MacEmbrilliance Essentials embroidery software allows you to arrange and manipulate designs. You can resize, group and ungroup, merge designs, and add lettering and words. It includes a stitch simulator to view how your design will stitch out, you can change thread colors and add special effects, just to mention a few of the features in the basic version. I have used this version for many of my embroidery projects and love that I can alter placement, size, angle, and add special effects, or lettering, to the designs. It gives me some extra creative options to the designs that I purchase.

Below are the main components of Embrilliance software. You can start out with the basics, and build on your knowledge and expertise. Many of the software programs are add-ons to Embrilliance, but some of them can also be stand-alone programs. There is a fee for each program, as you build out the embroidery software to your desired skill level.

Embrilliance Essentials Add-ons

Alpha Tricks:  I love Alpha Tricks! The advantage of having Alpha Tricks as part of your embroidery software is that you can take any embroidery alphabet and convert it into a keystroke alphabet. No more struggling with aligning and maneuvering individual letters!

Density Repair:  Density Repair is exactly what is says…it removes hidden and excess stitching that may cause your design to be bulky, especially in overlaps. It will also help you analyze and determine the density based on your design and the fabric that you are sewing – saving you time and thread!

Enthusiast:  This is my favorite level, as it added many more features for detailing the designs, but is not a digitizing program. Stitch editing has come in handy for me, and allows me to select a portion of a design, and cut it out, so I can separate a design, and have ability to tie off ends. They also added several other special effects such as carousel, scatter, mirroring x4, instant repeat, and precise position. Multiple hooping allows you to split a design into different positions to be sewn separately and tiled together.  I have not tried this yet, but many have found this to be an invaluable tool.  Enthusiast can be a stand alone or added to Embrilliance Essentials.  I think Embrilliance Essentials is a must, and it makes sense to add these additional tools to the basic software.


Stitch Artist Level 1:  Welcome to design creation! This is the first level in creating your own designs from scratch with Stitch Artist. I have to be honest, and tell you that I am still learning this. I’m very interested in knowing how to create my own embroidery designs, but there is a learning curve. Level 1 is for someone who wants to create their own designs, but is looking for something simple, that isn’t overwhelming, and is limited to simple running stitch designs, basic shapes, and fill elements. This is not a full meal deal for digitizing, but it will give you a taste of creating a design from scratch!

Stitch Artist Level 2:  Ahh! Level 2!  I am not there yet, but for those of you looking to expand your embroidery knowledge in learn new skills, this is the perfect software to get started creating your OWN designs!  Learn the ins and outs of design creation.  A basic education of embroidery, and stitches is advisable for this level.

Stitch Artist Level 3:  This level is geared toward the professional or commercial embroiderer. If you’re interested in learning design creation from the ground up, Stitch Artist will reward you with that achievement.  All it takes is the program, enthusiasm, and dedication to learning.

Air Stitch:  A convenient app that works with iPad for unzipping designs and saving them in a dropbox folder. A nice convenience.

Please visit Embrilliance.com for more detailed information on each of these programs.  We hope you will find the embroidery software that works for best for you, and we wish you success in all of your embroidery ventures!

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