How to Needle Felt an Ampersand Wall Hanging

Still learning so much about needle felting, and I’m loving it! Today, I’m using it inside an embroidery hoop to create a gorgeous felt wall hanging for my husband on Valentine’s Day. I have seen the ampersand used in lots of framed artwork around the internet, so I thought I’d put my own little twist on it!

Since I’m already interested in needle felting, and dabbling in hand embroidery, I thought it would be fun to incorporate these methods into this little piece of artwork. You can really do any design you like (but I’d keep the shape simple if you’re a beginner felter), and add any hand-embroidered words alongside it that you want to. If you want to get fancy, you could even embroider an outline around the the design, which I chose to do in mine.

Simple Embroidery & Felt Wall Hanging

This is a needle felting and hand embroidery combination project. First we’ll be creating the ampersand by needle felting (dry felting), directly on the felt sheet, which will then be inserted into the embroidery hoop. Once that’s finished, we can embroider the words, “you” and “me”, onto the felted sheet (background fabric). That’s the basic rundown of this felt wall hanging idea. Now, let’s get to the details of it all.

How to make a felt wall hanging for your loved ones.

Materials needed for this project: large embroidery hoop, large sheet of wool felt (must be thin in thickness to be hooped), wool roving, felting needles, needle felting tool (optional), foam pad, disappearing ink fine point pen, design template, embroidery needle and embroidery floss, scissors

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art: “You & Me”

The steps below are very basic steps. If you find that you are having issues following along or are completely new to hand embroidery or needle felting, please skip the steps and go straight to the video instruction shown below. It will be easier to follow along, and there will be tips and ideas included to help you along in the making process of this particular craft project.

PART ONE: Needle Felting the Ampersand

How to Felt an AmpersandMy embroidery hoop is 9″ in diameter, so my felt sheet was a few inches larger than that to accommodate the hoop. My ampersand template was sized to fit within the hoop, leaving a little room for the embroidered words along the sides.

NOTE: The needle felting process can take some time using a single needle. I highly recommend the needle tool listed in our materials list (above), as you can put three needles in it at once, helping you felt faster, thereby saving you a lot of time.

  1. Make or print out your design template (ampersand). Center it onto your sheet of felt and check that it’s also centered when the embroidery hoop is around it. Pin template in place. Trace around it using a disappearing ink marker and then remove the pins.
  2. You should have a traced ampersand on your sheet of felt. This is our guideline for needle felting our design. Grab your foam pad and felting needles (and felting tool, if you have one). Take a small tuft of roving and place it within the outline of the ampersand, and needle felt into place. Continue doing this a little bit at a time, filling bald spots, and felting until area is fully covered and smooth.
  3. When you feel that you are happy with how your felted ampersand looks, give it a good iron steam, being careful not to scorch the wool.

PART TWO: Hand Embroidering the Words

Embroidering the stem stitch.If you’ve never done hand embroidery before, don’t worry, we have you covered. Bonnie has a video series on the basics of hand embroidery called, “Learn Hand Embroidery with Me“. These are beginner embroidery stitches, and they’re so simple to learn that even I can do it!

So, if you need help along the way, Bonnie’s there for you to help you learn these stitches with her. I promise, she won’t leave your side!

  1. Use a template to trace your words, or hand write them, with a disappearing ink pen (fine point) directly on the background felt where you’d like it.
  2. Thread your embroidery needle with floss, make your away knot,  and stitch over your words, one at a time.  I have used the stem stitch in my felt wall hanging, for ease around the curves, but use whatever stitch you are comfortable with. When finished, tie off on the backside and put that handmade (BY YOU) felt wall hanging in it’s rightful place.

This felting project makes a great gift for loved ones, too. Since you can really change up the design to anything you want, you can customize this wall hanging for anyone! All you need is the creativity and maybe a template to work with. You can also just hang it up in your home, or make a few of them, and group them together on a gallery wall. So much fun, I can’t wait to make another one of these felt wall hangings for myself. Greedy, I know, but I can’t help it. So many colors, sizes, designs, textures, stitches……..

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