How to Turn Embroidery Hoops into a Snowman

Christmas, and so many crafts to choose from, but I have one that involves felt and embroidery hoops that’s both easy fun! You don’t need many supplies, and can actually use many different ideas to create your Christmas character.

We’re going to make an embroidery hoop snowman! I can make this little snowman craft and give them as gifts, or to decorate a small space, or make larger snowmen to hang above a fireplace or on a door to greet my holiday guests. So, let’s get started and turn embroidery hoops into a Snowman.

Supplies Needed to Craft a Snowman

  • 2 Wooden Embroidery Hoops, 4″ and 6″ (you can paint them white if preferred).
  • White fabric such as felt, fleece, or cotton for the hoop.
  • Color or printed sock for hat and scarf. If you knit or crochet, you can make your hat and scarf. You can also do felt cut outs to create a black hat, and use a fabric strip from  old  clothing for a scarf. Get creative!
  • Find a mittens template (found mine on the internet), or you can draw them yourself, if you can draw (I can’t!).
  • Buttons, and black and orange felt (craft squares). These are used for the eyes, nose etc.  unless you want to use embroidery stitching for the facial features. Red or green felt for the mittens.
  • Embroidery floss (embroidered features optional) in black and orange.
  • Glue Sticks and glue gun.
  • White paint (optional).
  • Glitter pen (optional).

Make an Embroidery Hoop Snowman

Make an embroidery hooped snowman for your wall!To begin to turn my supplies into an embroidery-hooped snowman, I am going to hoop my white felt in the 4″ hoop, which will be my snowman’s head. I will take a fabric marking pencil, and draw my eyes, carrot nose, and mouth, and then follow the lines with embroidery stitches. Draw the eyes as circles and fill with black felt circles or embroidery satin stitching. Draw a carrot-shaped nose that goes off the side, and use an outline embroidery stitch, or straight stitch. For the mouth, you can use a bold stem stitch, or straight stitch (using full strand embroidery floss).

Alternative to Embroidery:  Create your face using red and black buttons, or use fabric paint, felt cut-outs, or markers. 🙂 Or any other ideas you can come up with!

Trim off excess fabric even with hoop on the back side. Repeat this step for both embroidery hoops.

Hoop your second hoop with the white fabric or felt. Trim excess felt off of the backside of your embroidery hoop. Line up the hoop with the 4″ snowman head (hoop screw at top) and 6″ hoop for the body (hoop screw as close as you can to the point of gluing the two together). Use a glue gun to glue the two embroidery hoops together.

Place your buttons, paint or felt cut-outs for the snowman’s buttons. If you’re feeling artistic, create arms, using twigs, and glue them to the second hoop. Another idea would be to draw arm shapes coming over the front of his body with mitten-shaped hands, like I did (fabric paint, felt cut-outs, or embroidery would work for this).

For the hat, on the 4″ head hoop, use a sock. Cut the toe end off, roll the raw edge up twice for a cuff, and create a hat. Using the toe end creates a beanie style hat. Using the top end, you can gather up one end to create a pom pom look. Tie it off with thread. You can also cut a strip lengthwise from the sock to create a scarf. The more you play around with it, and experiment, the more detail and character your embroidery hoop snowman will have!

Now, go find the perfect place for your snowman, and have a Merry Christmas!

About Bonnie

Bonnie has been sewing since she was a child, and her love of playing with thread has only grown since then. She continues to sew, but has a newfound love for all things embroidery.

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