How to Make a Felt Emoji Charm

As you know, I have been toying around with needle felting for awhile, and recently, CraftyFelt sent me a small felt emoji kit to test out. Since it was a small emoji kit, which I find immensely adorable, and I have yet to work on something so tiny, I decided to give it a try.

I’m doing the emoji sticking out it’s tongue – my favorite because he looks a bit unhinged!

If you aren’t familiar with needle felting (<–Basics/FAQ) at all, then I suggest first watching our beginner needle felting video, then trying our felted dryer balls as your first beginner felt project. Working in details like a face could be frustrating for a newbie, but is definitely worth practicing on something small like this, since there is little wool waste. 🙂

felt emoji

Craft Supplies for Your Felt Emoji

I thought I’d share this project with you step-by-step, because it’s simple and you can just use your felting supplies that you already have. If you don’t have any, CraftyFelt sells small felt kits (use the link above) or you could go on Amazon and purchase your products there.

To make your emoji, you will need: coarse felting needle, fine felting needle, wool roving (yellow, brown, white, black, and pink), multi-needle tool (optional), finger protectors (optional), and a foam felt mat.

How to Make the Emoji Sticking His Tongue Out

My felt emoji is only going to be about 1-2″ in diameter, so you won’t need much roving, and you can altar the size of the emoji to be a little larger, if you like, by just adding more wool roving, as needed.

The kit I was given makes three emojis, but I’m only making one. If I were making three, I’d want to be sure that I had enough of each color of roving to make my others, so please keep that in mind if you’re purchasing a kit.

  1. Take your yellow roving and roll it into a loose ball shape. While holding the end piece in place so it doesn’t unroll, take your coarse needle and lightly felt end piece to the rest of the ball, then the sides of the roll until they hold secure.
  2. Start to work your way around the ball evenly with your coarse needle or needle tool, slowly forming it into a sphere shape. It should be a semi-firm ball when you’re done.
  3. You’ll want to grab your fine needle to work on the face. Starting with a few strands (little less than an inch long) of brown roving, roll it between your fingers to make a strand, then felt it in to the ball where you want the “closed eye” to be. It will look more like a thick eyebrow when finished.
  4. Grab enough white roving to create his “open eye” (you can use your coarse needle for this). It should be perfectly round and you shouldn’t see any yellow showing through. You can pre-felt this on your foam pad to work out the shape first, if you want to. Just flip it over a couple of times and work it into a flat circle, then felt it onto the ball.
  5. Use a tiny amount of black roving for his pupil. Roll it between your fingers until you have a tiny ball, and felt it into the center of the eye. Grab a a few longer strands of the black and roll it in your fingers until you have a long piece (of consistent thickness) that will outline his entire eye and lightly felt in to place.
  6. With your coarse felting needle, and some more brown roving, shape his mouth into a half-circle with the straight edge at the top (closest to eyes). Start felting the outline of the mouth, then fill it in with more brown strands until the mouth is completely solid.
  7. Finally, use your pink roving and coarse needle to shape the tongue into the center of the mouth. Be sure to fill it in nicely, felting until smooth. The tongue should drop just below the bottom of the mouth. To finish it off, felt a tiny strand of brown from the top of the tongue down the center, about halfway.

Note: To smooth it out, use a pair of small scissors to carefully cut off any “fly aways” or “fuzzies” sticking up out of the ball. In other words, lay your scissor blades flat against the surface of the ball and cut them away without piercing or nicking the ball.

You can use this little felt emoji charm on just about anything. I will use mine on a keyring, but you could attach it to a child’s backpack or coat zipper, use it as a ponytail pom pom, a magnet, as part of a bookmark, in garland (run a embroidery needle and yarn through several of them), as a rearview mirror accessory, or make the kiss emoji and give it to someone special.

If you make this little guy, please share your experience in the comments below, or any other similar needle felting projects or ideas you’d like to share! And, if you have an even better way to use it, please let us know in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!

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