How to Hand Crochet a Scarf

Hand knitting has become quite popular, but you don’t see much on hand crochet, so I thought I’d share the most basic of stitches, the chain stitch, using hand crochet in a scarf project, so you could see the desired effect. It’s really easy to do, even if you’ve never crocheted before, and you don’t need a hook. So let’s get your little hands to work, and you’ll have a cute scarf to give away when you’re done!

Choosing Yarns to Finger Crochet

The yarns you choose don’t necessarily need to be fancy, but they should be chunky and soft. Create a color or style “theme” with your yarn choices. I’ve done a beautiful black, white, and grey scarf with ribbons (yes you can use ribbons), eyelash yarns, and fur yarns – it was quite luxurious! I’ve also done all cotton. You want to use very soft yarns that hang nicely. If they’re too stiff, that won’t lay nicely in your  scarf.

You can use a multitude of materials in this scarf, or any other simple project. Try t-shirt yarn, eyelash yarn, ribbon yarn (or just plain ribbons), chunky yarns, etc. Hand crochet creates a great opportunity to recycle materials. If you have leftover fabrics or clothing (soft) you’d like to use, cut them into strips and connect them using this simple join method.

Once you know which ones you want to use, make sure you have plenty to work with. When we bunch them together, there should be a good handful of yarns. When we hand crochet them using the chain stitch, they will really thicken up. Keep in mind that we’ll want to keep our chains loose so we don’t create a stiff scarf.

IMG_3957_sm  Chain Stitch

How to Crochet a Simple Scarf by Hand

If you want to make an adult scarf long enough to wrap around your neck once and still hang down quite a bit – to your belly button (about 6′ long without the fringe), use approximately 32′ of materials. This is a very loose estimation. The length will vary based on yarn thickness and size of chain stitch.

  1. Gather your materials together. Desired scarf length x 5, then leave some room for fringe, if you want.
  2. Cut your yarns, ribbons, and/or recycled materials all the same length.
  3. Make sure everything is laying together nicely, with no tangles, then do a slip knot at one end (again, leaving some fringe here, if you want it to be part of your scarf).
  4. Now, reach through the slip knot loop with your first finger and thumb and grab your “working yarns” and pull them through the loop. Keep your finger and thumb in the loop and continue.
  5. Repeat step 3 until you reach your desired length, then pull your last stitch all the way through to secure it (fasten off). See, I told you it was simple.

To see some of the scarves I’ve hand crocheted previously , watch the video tutorial above. I talk about some different tips and show you the different between some of the yarns. If you want to just see the rhythm of the chain stitch done by hand, check out our short video on Instagram.

I absolutely adore this project! There are many reasons for this. It’s a great stash buster, so you can use up some of the yarns that you haven’t yet found a project for yet. It also is very versatile in that you can use so many different types of materials to make the scarf – it really opens up the possibilities! Plus, it’s so easy, you could teach your kids how to crochet these for friends and family as gifts. They really don’t take much time and they’re so much fun to mix and match colors and textures!

TIP: Do not try to braid this scarf – the yarns are much too long and you will have a huge, gnarled mess on your hands. I’ve tried it, and I can do it, but you need a really long hallway and a hell of a lot of patience.

Note on washing: Please keep in mind that if you ever want to wash your hand crochet scarf, pay close attention to the types of materials you’re putting in with your scarf.  You don’t want it shrinking or felting up on you (wool, cotton, etc). If it were me, I’d just wash the scarf by hand in cold water.

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