The Crafters

We’re a crafty mom and daughter team showing you how to craft your way to DIY greatness! TLCI  is Bonnie and Rachel, and we both bring different levels of experience and skills to the table, but the best part is that we get to share all of that with you!

We originally started out selling our handmade crafts. At one point, we even had them in a small store, but as it turns out, that was just a stepping stone to what we really wanted to do – teach you how to DIY. That’s why we originally created a blog – to share our craft tutorials with the world – but, unfortunately, our original blog was hacked earlier this year and we could not fix it. Thus, this blog was born, and we’re working hard to bring back some of our more popular posts while always adding new ones.

We hope you like the new design and content!

Our Tutorials and Crafts

We have more in common than you might think. We have mothered, we are daughters and wives, and we are strong, creative women with passion! Sound familiar?

Our goal is to genuinely inspire you to try something new, whether that’s beginner crochet, sewing, or some form of embroidery. It may even be a simple home craft or DIY idea that makes the perfect handmade gift for someone, or maybe it’s something that would look brilliant on your wall or dresser. Whatever it is, if you make it yourself, it’s an extension of you…your love, creativity, and style. And, how great is that?

About Rachel: Fiber and Other Crafts

Currently obsessed with wool needle felting!

rachel_bwI have always had a creative nature. I wrote poetry in high school and always showed a deep interest in photography. Had I become a photographer, it would have been nature photography, as I adore the beauty of my surroundings. Fortunately, I live in a small town enveloped by mountains, forests, and and incredible lake, which are all a constant source of inspiration.

After having children, crafting became an avenue for my girls to not only express themselves, but also to help them find and build confidence in themselves. I loved seeing the pride and joy in their faces in that glorious moment after they finished their project, smiled, and admired their handiwork.

I guess I’ve always loved the idea of creating something from scratch, and it’s still fascinating me to this day, so I craft on.

Current Obsessions: ocean beaches, crafting, snuggling, movie nights (80s), laughing, dark chocolate, music, even numbers, daisies, reorganizing, sushi, animals, all forms of art, family, rain on the roof, chubby babies, vanilla ice cream, small towns, antique shops, old photos, tats, iced tea, trees, flips flops, games, morning sunshine coming through the window….

About Bonnie: Sewing and Embroidery

Currently obsessed with hand embroidering!

10818415_10205165470669289_6044209618683994153_o (1)

I live in the amazing Pacific Northwest with my husband and dog, Bleu. The Pacific Northwest can be truly inspiring with it’s amazing rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, not to mention wild life, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I have raised two beautiful daughters, and watched them raise eight amazing grandchildren. My interest in sewing began as a young child, as I watched my grandmother, and  mother, sew. My mother made many of my clothes, which I loved! I have now extended my interest to machine embroidery and needlework. It is mind boggling to realize that there is an endless amount of creativity that can come from threads, yarns, and fabric!

Although I am still a beginner in this field, I love sharing my journey with others.

We are crafters. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re happy to help you figure things out if we can, so we encourage you to contact us with questions, comments, or any concerns you might have. We would love to hear from you! – Bonnie & Rachel