50+ Awesome Gift Ideas for the DIY Crafter or Artisan in Your Life

I have been crafting for a long time, and I have an amazing collection of yarns, craft equipment, papers, and glitter, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use more! And finding a gift for a crafter is pretty easy – there’s LOTS of things we like!

We love artistic items, unique tools of our craft, books and games that push our imagination and inspire us, learning new techniques or media, and pretty much anything out of the ordinary or off the beaten path. We deeply value the unique-ness, if you will.

The Crafty Obsession

This craft obsession is not unique to me, as there are crafters, DIYers, and creatives scattered all over the internet and world. Pinterest is a visual haven of all things crafty and wonderful.

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It’s highly likely that you are, or know, someone like me. Someone who loves to crochet, sew, scrapbook, weave, paper craft, paint, sculpt, or draw (and so many more!). We love making. We can’t go into a store without looking at something and recreating it in our minds. Our creativity is always sitting on back burner waiting to flare up under the right conditions.

So, for all of those amazingly creative people out there you want to find something special for, I give you this curated (by me) selection of unique gifts for crafters, artists, and DIYers.  I hope you find the perfect thing!

I’ve separated some of the more popular crafts into categories, to help make finding a gift for your crafter or artist a little easier. Obviously, some of the following will be affiliate links, which will help support our little craft blog and video-making venture, to which we very much appreciate, so thank you.

Now, without further adieu….

50+ Gift Ideas for a Crafter

Crochet and Knitting

There’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving, and Darn Good Yarn has an affordable monthly subscription ($10) that includes one new skein of yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, plus a mystery gift! You could also pick up one of these cool yarnie gifts…

Loom Weaving

I don’t know a lot about loom weaving, but I have ordered a beginner’s kit that I just learned to warp (sort of). If I were going to get a weaver a luxurious gift, it would be the Fiber-of-the-Month subscription through Paradise Fibers for $34.95. Since they don’t have a gift order option yet, just order one of the gift cards to cover the number of subscription months you’d like! And, here are some other great gift ideas for these creatives…

Fabrics and Sewing

My mom is an avid sewer, and I know she enjoys receiving gifts related to her favorite hobbies, so a Pins and Needle kit seems like a perfect way to introduce her to new sewing projects each month. What’s great about this subscription is that it’s great for both novice and advanced sewers! Now, on to beautiful tools and a quilt pin that you should buy your grandmother…

Needle Felting

I still consider myself a beginner felter, but it’s hard not to fall in love with all the fibers. I would vote for a Fiber-of-the-Month sub (see link above, under Loom Weaving) for any felters you know because…well, wool. It’s so luscious, soft, and the colors! And, oh my gosh, would you look at this little guy…

Painting & Sketching

I love that there’s people out there who can just interpret the world around them right from their minds onto a canvas, whether sketching, painting, or any other medium. Two great subscription boxes for these types of creatives are Sketchbox and PalettefulPacks. Let them mind the inspiration while you keep them in graphite and acrylics.

Hand Embroidery

My mom is loving hand embroidery, and for good reason! You can embroider anything, and it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to learn. For the embroidery enthusiast, lovingly handpicked vintage or unique tools are just the thing…

More Crafty Gifts

It wouldn’t be a crafter’s gift list if I didn’t include one of the most sought-after gifts in the craft world, and that is the Cricut Maker. It’s not cheap, but your crafter will explode with happiness! And then there’s the always-fun monthly craft box from Ann Williams to surprise them with a new craft every month. Another fun gift for a crafter might be…

Creativity Inspiration

Creativity is a critical part of any type of crafting or hobby, and feeling uninspired is not only unproductive, it’s no fun. If you know someone who could use a little exploration and creative fun, then consider the New Hobby Box – from paper-making to pyrography!  It’s sure to get the creative sparks flying, and so will these…

There are so many ways to celebrate the crafter in your life, and even though you may not be a crafter yourself, a handmade gift is really quite perfect for them. They have a deep appreciate for the time, energy, and love that goes into every handmade item, and the internet is a wealth of knowledge and instruction to help you make your special gift!

If crafting isn’t your bag, then consider some of the handmade items that others have lovingly handcrafted on Etsy. There are so many wonderfully talented artists there that I have started a curated Pinterest board of Gifts for Crafters that you can follow as I find even more interesting handmade items for the creatives in your life.

And, finally, if you want to go big and get them something they’ll remember forever, consider getting them a ticket to a craft conference where they’ll be surrounded by crafts, craft inspirations, and other crafters. Or, consider taking them to a craft museum or local art exhibit.

Regardless of what  you decide, may you find the perfect gift for the crafter or artist in your life.

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